A vibrant and model institutions of excellence in imparting quality education at all levels and also to orient the aspiring students towards imbibing the virtues for an overall development to meet the ever growing challenges of the global society and become a leader in pharmacy education, pharmacy training, and research in pharmaceutical sciences.


To achieve a global identity through its innovative methods and strenuous efforts for the betterment of the student community. To educate and train students in the knowledge and practice of pharmaceutical sciences and to contribute to improvement of health of the society, through education and research programs.


By registering to the Online Certificate Verification Service (OCVS) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this service Agreement.

1. The information provided to you is based on your representation that the information will be used for the legitimate purpose of verifying the degree/provisional certificate.

2. You certify and agree that you, or the company/institution/university you represent, have a legal release from the subject of your inquiry and that you will not use this information for commercial and other purposes including but not limited to the purposes prohibited by law, Marketing, Database building, etc.

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4. All information provided here should be held in strict confidence and should not be reproduced, revealed, transmitted or made accessible in whole or in part, in any manner, to any other entity.

(c) The refund of fees on or before cut-off date of admission declared by the Competent Authority, shall be made within two days i.e. total fee minus the processing charges of Rs.1,000/-, or refund rule shall be as per the guidelines of the appropriate authorities or the State Government, as the case may be.

(d) If the admission is cancelled after the cut-off date of the admission declared by the Competent Authority, there shall be no refund except the Security Deposit and Caution Money Deposit.

(e) No institution, who has in its possession or custody, of any document in the form of certificates of degree, diploma or any other award or other document deposited with it by a person for the purpose of seeking admission in such institution, shall refuse to return such degree, certificate award or other document with a view to induce or compel such person to pay any fee or fees in respect of any course or program of study which such person does not intend to pursue  or avail any facility in such institution.

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